Wednesday, 1 October 2014


With eyes wide open and an appetite for more, new concepts opens up in front of us.
2014 have so far been a busy year. Of that you ca read on our facebook page. However these past few month have been quiet. We opened the year with the performance You, me and all of Us. Which was a great succes.
Although the words have been few on this page, we are not standing still. But always in the progree of new adventures.
And it looks like also 2015 will have some great performances coming up. Even a dance film is in the making.
So a little hello from the filomusi administration, seemed in order, to say that we are not lost.
And we will return soon again with new adventures on the program.


the filomusi team

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Welcome Simon

Simon is Back in Aarhus, after a tour in Cuba and one in Amsterdam, he will be close by for the next few months, helping with the funding for some of our upcoming projects. One being 'You, me and the rest of us'.
And what great news that is - Simon is educated from School of performing arts in Copenhagen, and I have cherished him as a friend and colleague since our first production together back in March 2010 (the Sleeping Man).
He is dedicated, focused, disciplined, fun, has an amazing technique, innovative, creative and well an amazing friend and colleague and... I could go on. All this is some of the reasons why I, when deciding to get a partner in the spring, thought of him first and I was truly happy when he accepted the offer.
For a few months now he has been touring the world with other performances, but as soon as we kick in the doors to season 2012/2013, he will be part of the managing staff,  as well as still being a dancer, in some of my productions. - I can't wait:)
So welcome Simon, you are amazing and I am looking forward to our coming partnership.

Hope all of you out there are enjoying your weekends,

Love, Julie

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

These days are...

... Quite busy!!!
And ain't that just amazing!!!
I mean, I've been in this city for 2 years now and man what years they've been.
It is correct that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, which is why I can honestly say - that even though this year started out at the hospital - I feel truly blessed.
Everyday when coming home from work I feel so amazingly lucky cause I absolutely LOOOOOVE MYYYY JOOOOOB!!!!!!!

I teach at a theatre which, beyond being a producing theatre, also have a school teaching dance and theatre to young adults and kids.

This is where I back in 2010 was as lucky as to meet Iben Rønn Cristensen who later became my director in our performance "27" a performance we, meaning Helene Brøndsted, Iben and myself will on April 2nd pick up and make into a full-night performance. Can't wait. At Filuren I also am as lucky as to teach a modern class for 13+ which makes me sit here with a huge smile on my face as I just got back one hour ago - they are so talented and amazing these kids and well HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE:)

Moreover I am working on getting our performance NABO, sold to companies around Denmark with a team-building workshop attached to it. It is great fun - so if you out there should be as lucky as to know a company you think might buy it, either call me at 50.280.242 or mail me at - promise you that your colleagues, employers and your self will all have a great time!!!  

On Thursday I taught a workshop/audition for aspiring choreographers in a choreography competition called Make Your Move press the title of today for more news. the take-of is on April 1st and I can't wait. !!! This I am sure there will be more about in the month to come!!!

And as the international day of dance is approaching I will be touring the country teaching this' years dance to scholars in the weeks of 16 and 17.

oh and did someone mention the Philippines???
Well more of that after Sunday;)
So much is happening at filomusi productions and I much say - these days I am pretty happy and very grateful for my life!!!

Please enjoy the sun and take great care of your selves:)

Love, Julie

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

On Iben Rønn Christensen

Some of you might remember our showing of the performance 27 Twenty-seven, in late August/early September 2011.
Once again we managed to catch the eyes of the news-reporters and just a few days ago I looked through those old news-papers again.

We are soon about to meet up again, dancer Helene Brøndsted, Director Iben Rønn Christensen and myself to start rehearsals on this magnificent performance again.
( I loved every part of the rehearsals, which is why I say Magnificent, they made me remember why I became a dancer, not that I was ever in doubt, but it felt real and good!!!) 

And because we are soon about to meet up again I thought I'd quote Iben here on some of her thoughts on the performance;

"When you turn 27, there is a requirement to maintain a certain adulthood. We get a responsibility, and there are some dreams which can rupture in respect to the playful element. This performance presents reflections on age, dreams and expectations to life"
 - Iben Rønn Christensen

Hope you are all well out there

Love, Julie


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Still going strong:)

In silence I think to my self - if yesterdays deeds make tomorrow stronger, a wise man said that for every cause we create, an affect will come.
And a lot of causes were created in 2011. A lot of thoughts, beginnings, yes even in 2010 magic happened.
2010 was when we started this company. And soon we will have our 2nd anniversary.
I for one can't wait - that's for sure!

Knowing that this might come a little late - but as they say 'better late than never' I wish you a wonderful beginning of the new year - I feel that great things will happen in 2012:)

In a few weeks, Helene, Iben and I will go into our thinking box, and develop the performance '27' into a full night adventure.
Moreover I am talking with 2 other choreographers on 2 different pieces AND we've received funding for yet another piece, also a full-night performance, where there will be live music on stage:)
Last but not least we've been ask to perform with 2 poets, dancing to their wonderful poetry.
If everything that happens, happens because of causes we've previously made - I think we did pretty good in 2010 and 2011, and I hope we'll do just as good in 2012 - I can't wait!!!

May you have a wonderful weekend:)
Love, Julie

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Inspiration.... is what starts it all...

I just read another great novel called 'the Buddha Geoff and me' and the finishing line sounds something like this "When you change your perception of things that's when you change everything".  It's been a true joy getting acquainted with this book. And it has been one of the first books in a very long time that I have totally demolished in a few days. Therefore I just wanted to send it out there, you can get the book by clicking on the headline of today or you can get it as a podcast on 'a Buddhist Podcast' for free. It is one of those books that makes you think, like Paulo Coelho's book "the alchemist - always liked those books. Books that you swallow whole. Or which inspire you to change your opinion on things, or try new things, or maybe even make something creative with them.
Books you read, or maybe even poems, or fragments of books, or... something completely different. It can also be a picture you see at a museum or a new song you get acquainted with, something that makes you tick.
Things like this, poems, books, paintings, music.... or you name it - is also often what lays ahead of a performance. Like in 'the Sleeping Man', where I was inspired by sculptures made by the Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard, or in 'this is a message about water, which was inspired by a mixture of old movies, old theatreplays, swimming, water... It isn't necessarily art that inspire art, but maybe the little things like a handshake, someone falling or neighbours even;) I guess what point is, that I feel inspired now, this book made me want to start on a new project, and maybe this time travel with it. And the possitivity in it, gave me some kind of energy.
And mayby I'll use this energy in this weeks coming student recitals at Filuren where Helene and I are teaching. Or maybe I will put it into a little something Helene and I are working on..... So many things to be done, and all the time in the world!!! 

But hey - Christmas is near - did you sent your wishing-lists to Santa yet? 

Hope you are all surrounded by people you love and care about.
Love, Julie

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Quote of the day... ++

Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights
- Kahlil Gibran

Pretty smart man, if you ask me!

May you all have a wonderful day, I am off to teaching in a little while.
God I love it. Soon kids performances are coming up - so today classes will be taught with filomusi dancer Helene, who is such an amazing teacher.

Someone is of the believe, that "those who can't do, teach". I Believe that teaching teaches you something everyday. That it is possible to grow as a performer and person when teaching. Both the teacher and the ones being taught have an opportunity to learn something, and it is up to the individual to learn something from teaching. As a matter of fact, when looking at it in a different light, it is not only when teaching you have a possibillity to learn, but in all aspects of life.
So take the day at hand, and learn something new.
And with that note I once again say "May you all have a beautiful and fruitful day, learn something new and with that keep young at heart young in mind".

Yours sincerely, Julie

How to connect the art scenes...

We, who are a part of Filomusi Productions, wish to expand the art scene of Aarhus and connect despite of genres? And as we might have some ideas it is commonly known that 2 brains think better than one, so we are always keen to hear about ideas that can help us connect. If you're out there and have an idea as to how music, theater, videography, dance, art and poetry can become one, write us and we will take it in to consideration on our next board meeting.

Thank You